Cygnets Starting School

The children are settling well into Cygnet Class. They are learning to make new friends and to work with new adults. They are learning new routines in the classroom and about the areas of provision. The children are learning the lunch time routines and developing their independence by managing their food and asking Cygnet staff and midday supervisors when they need help. Cygnet class have joined with Swan Class in the hall for their first Assemblies with Ms Collier. The September whole school theme is about New Beginnings and Courage. Cygnet Class has shown this in the way they have settled into school.

We have taken part in a whole school topic on the brain. We have been learning that the brain helps us to move, think and remember. It sends and receives messages to and from our bodies. We learned that we can help to look after our brains by being healthy through eating healthily, exercising and sleep. We have enjoyed our PE sessions and daily short relaxation times.