National Writing Day Stories – Kingfishers

Please send your short stories so we can add them below. Can you guess who wrote these stories? Can you guess which one is mine?

One day, we got our puppy Taylor. He was as fast as lightning. He loved eating like a pig and sleeping like a sloth.

One day, I opened the king of presents. It was the Lego Jurassic Park Baryonyx face off. I was as happy as a clam.

One day I woke up and saw Barkus, the dog, in a snake costume beside my bed. But, he wouldn’t wake me up!?!

One day, I rode a bike down a huge mountain. I went as quick as lightning along the track. Somehow, I didn’t fall off!

One day, I dreamt that everyone was cheerful in this world of ours, and the cruel coronavirus was gone forever, never to return again.