Kingfisher HL 20.05.20

1) Continue using WRM and BBC Bitesize for your maths.

2) Write your Please Mrs Butler poem.

You may want to take more than one day to write this, because it might take you some time to find the correct rhyming words.

As with most of your writing, you might want to use some parts of the Please Mrs Butler poem in your own. It might be a name, a line, a pair of rhyming words or possibly a whole stanza if you need it. Change as much as you want, but try to keep to the same layout (4 lines per stanza), structure (a child’s complaint followed by the teacher’s response) and rhyming pattern.

3) Earlier this year, we learnt a little bit about the Bronze Age, which followed the Stone Age. Use this BBC Bitesize lesson to learn more detail about this time period, and create a poster with the information that you learn.

Enjoy your day! (And don’t forget to find some time to relax and enjoy reading your favourite book)