Kingfisher HL 11.05.20

Good morning Kingfishers. I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend and managed to do some celebrating on VE day.

Today’s tasks:

1) White Rose maths

This will be done differently from today because the worksheets are no longer available. I would suggest learning through the WRM videos, then carrying out the tasks available on the BBC Bitesize website. These have been organised so that they will be on the same topic each day.

2) We are starting a new mini-topic today. We will be learning about some poems by Allan Ahlberg. Listen to some of his poems here.

Choose your favourite and practise reading it out loud. See if you can learn some parts of it without looking at the words. You can perform it to your family, or record it and send it to me.

3) Revise what we learnt about Stonehenge earlier this year. You can then create a model of Stonehenge, write a fact file, or do both.

Enjoy your day!