Kestrel Home Learning 29.6.20

Hello Kestrels,

Here is your work for this week. All the resources you need are below. Work hard!

English Resources

Maths Resources

You may not be able to do all the activities as some require a protractor, which you may not have at home. If this is the case, either look back at previous blogs to see if there are Maths activities you have not yet completed, or alternatively, you could do a daily arithmetic test. I will put three up for this week.

Topic Resources

Lesson 1 – Anglo-Saxon Laws

Use the information from the powerpoint to complete the following activities:

Lesson 2 – Viking Gods

Watch the powerpoint and then complete the tasks.

You might like to create this Viking Gods game.

Lesson 3 – Viking Traders and Explorers

Watch the video clips and read the information on the BBC Bitesize link.

Make a list of things Vikings traded.

Write a short paragraph about what the following Vikings discovered: Eric the Red, Ingolfur Anarson, Bjorni Herjolfsson and the Swedish Vikings.

Click on the link – Find out more about Viking Trade – on the Bitesize page. Watch the video clips about Viking Trade, Viking Ships and Viking Invaders and Settlers. Record 10-15 things you have found out, using bullet points.

Additional Resources

Remember that you can also do some of the tasks on the BBC Bitesize website if you have time. The English tasks look good for this week: Ads and brochures on Monday, Maps, charts and presentations on Tuesday, Posters and leaflets on Wednesday, Instructions on Thursday and a Reading lesson on Friday.