Kestrel Home Learning 22.6.20

Hello Kestrels,

Here is your work for this week. All the resources you need are below. Work hard!

English Resources

Maths Resources

Topic Resources

This week, I would like you to do some research about what life was like in Viking Britain. The following resources will give you lots of information:

I would like you to research one aspect of Viking life each day. Choose from the following: Viking Homes, Viking Clothes, Viking Jewellery, Viking Jobs and Society, Food and Drink or Viking Laws. Use the information from the resources I have uploaded but also try to do research from other sources such as books and other websites.

You may choose how to present your research; this could be a poster, booklet, powerpoint, model or even a quiz. However, I would like you to choose a different way to present your learning for each aspect of Viking life you find out about. Aim to do a minimum of three aspects of Viking life please. Have fun!