Kestrel Home Learning 15.6.20

Hello Kestrels,

Here is your work for this week. All the resources you need are below. Work hard!

English Resources

Maths Resources

Topic Resources

Lesson 1 – Who were the Vikings and where did they come from?

Follow the Bitesize link, then complete the map to show Viking homelands and settlements.

Next, complete the Victorious Vikings reading comprehension. There are three levels, so choose sensibly.

Lesson 2 – Why and when did the Vikings come to Britain?

Watch the powerpoint, then complete the Viking Timeline activity sheet.

Use the Viking Poster activity sheet to record what you have learnt about the Vikings so far.

Lesson 3 – How did the Vikings fight?

Use the information from Bitesize to draw and label a picture of a Viking warrior and a Viking longship or make a model.

Complete the comprehension task about Viking longships.

Use the template to make a longship or you might prefer to make a Viking shield or sword.

Additional Topic Resources