Kestrel Home learning 13.7.20

Hello Kestrels,

Here is your work for this week. All the resources you need are below. Work hard!

English Resources

Maths Resources

Topic Resources

Lesson 1 – What happened to the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings?

After watching the presentation, I would like you to complete the following tasks.

Lesson 2 – What happened to the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings?

Watch the BBC Bitesize clip.

Use the information from Bitesize to complete the following task.

Take a piece of A4 paper and position landscape. Divide the paper into 6 equal boxes, three at the top of the page and three below. Repeat with another piece of paper. Copy the pictures and dates from the information about King Edward into the boxes at the top of each page. Use the boxes below each picture to record what you know about that stage of Edward’s life. You can use bullet points or sentences. Colour the pictures neatly.

Lesson 3 – Acrostic about Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

Think about all you have learnt about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings this half-term:

Why did they come? Where did they come from? Art and Culture, Beliefs, Weapons and Battles, Laws and Trade, How did they live?, Famous Kings and finally What happened to them?

Use this information to write an acrostic with ANGLO-SAXONS AND VIKINGS down the side of the page. Try to tell the story of what happened . So, start with when and why they came, then perhaps write about how they lived in Britain (food, homes, settlements, clothes etc). You could include information about their beliefs and famous Kings. Your acrostic needs to finish by explaining what happened to them.

Try to use correct historical vocabulary such as pagan, longhouse, longship and Danegeld. You will probably include names of Gods, Kings and settlements/kingdoms. This is an opportunity for you to show off your learning so include as much information as you can. Make the first letter of each line stand out, perhaps by using bubble writing or a bold coloured font if you decide to do your acrostic on the computer. You might like to decorate your work with pictures to illustrate your writing.

Additional Resources

Mrs Moore very kindly sent me a couple of songs about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings that she thought you might enjoy. Have a listen and sing along!

Have fun! See you Tuesday x