Kestrel Class Inspirations

In this post, we will be showing the different activities that you have come up with and are doing at home.

If you would like to show your friends your ideas then send us an email with pictures and instructions so that they can have a go too.

Paper Making – Both Oscar and Mia had lots of fun making paper. Why not have a go following Mia’s instructions.

Stop Motion Animation – Ferne has created this short clip using great I.T. skills.

Mosaic Art – Oscar and his Mum are doing art lessons with the rest of their family. In their first lesson they created mosaic pictures. You too could try this at home.

Astro Science Challenge – Mia has seen this space science learning app and thinks that some of you may be interested to try the activities for yourself. Here is the link –

Powerpoint Presentation – Martha hopes her PowerPoint presentation will inspire you to try this alternative way to showcase your work.

Aboriginal Dot Art – Oscar enjoyed this with his family. Maybe you will too.

Slide Show Films – Ferne and Willow have made short film presentations to present information about Brazilian animals.

Squirrel Monkeys by Willow.
Super Sloths by Ferne.

Leaf and Flower Printing – A super Springtime activity from Oscar and his Mum.

Tie-Dyeing – Thea has used this technique to create colourful patterns on her Tee-shirts.

Sewing – Ferne has enjoyed making this mini apron using a sewing machine. You could try to sew something by hand or machine.

Mini Project – Mia has made this colourful and informative PowerPoint about Animals of the Amazon Rainforest. Take a look.

Stop Motion Animation – Willow has made this Lego Mini Movie. It’s full of fun.

WordArt – Willow has used WordArt to create this stunning picture to illustrate the vocabulary that she has used in her learning this week.

Here is the hyperlink if you would like to create your own WordArt.

Science – Willow has constructed a Police Siren / Light Circuit Board. She has written instructions explaining how to make one. You might like to try this for yourself.