Kestrel Class Home Learning (16.6.20)

Hello Kestrels,

Here are this week’s spellings.

Alternative Science: Material Properties and Definitions

As an alternative science lesson to the scheduled one on the BBC Bitesize Daily Wednesday 17th June why not have a look at this topic which is more in line with what we would be doing this half term.

Look at the video and PowerPoints, try the quizzes and complete the worksheets.

Here are the links:


Sheet 1: Sort out the definitions of material properties.

Sheet 2: Choose an object from around your home – draw and label it. Answer the questions using the scientific language of properties.

Design and Technology: Structures (Thursday 18th June)

This BBC Bitesize Lesson looks very interesting and relates to the science –thinking about suitable materials and their properties for construction.

Father’s Day (Sunday 21st June)

Don’t forget to spoil your dads this weekend.

You might like to choose one or two of these activities.

Enjoy your week.

Mrs Whittle