Year 4 Dragon Stories and Art

We have enjoyed sharing lots of dragon stories by a variety of authors. One of these stories is called Dragonory. It is from the traveller community and would be told to children around the campfire. We enjoyed acting and retelling this story. We have used Dragonory and other stories as inspiration for our own unique dragon creations.

Swan News 8th November

On Wednesday 13th, the children will do their pedestrian training. Thank you to the parents who have volunteered to help, please come to the classroom at drop off. Ideally we could do with an extra parent or grandparent volunteer, please let me know if you are available to help.

The children enjoyed activities related to Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night. They learnt about the history of the Gunpowder Plot (without the very gory bits) and used textease paint to make a firework picture.

In Science, the children continued with their work on animals, classifying them into groups. They can name the main characteristics of mammals and birds, next week they look more closely at reptiles, amphibians and fish.

The children are improving their time telling skills, please practise at home.

The children’s reading is also improving, the children who read regularly at home are making the most progress, so keep it up!

Thank you to all the parents who made it to the phonic pop in. I hope you found it useful. Please let me know if you would find further pop ins useful.

Show and Tell: Animals or road safety.

Swan News 1st November

It was lovely to see all the children after the half term holiday. They were all pleased to see their friends and were eager to get back to work!

In Science the children worked on the topic of animals, they sorted photographs of a range of animals, looking at similarities and differences. We used the terms mammal, reptile, amphibian, bird and fish.

In computing we used a paint programme called Textease, we explored different features of the programme ready for producing pictures.

In art the children produced vibrant firework paintings, there was glitter everywhere!

In Maths the children practised naming the days of the week, the months of the year and telling o’clock times.

In reading we looked at punctuation marks and how they affect our reading.

I hope you are able to make the phonic pop in on Tuesday.

Show and Tell: Animals and time.

The Great Dragon Mystery

Swallow class thoroughly enjoyed their day on the North Norfolk Railway. The children were dragon detectives, solving the mystery of the railway. During the day, the children interviewed witnesses, carried out a finger tip search, analysed their own fingerprints, investigated footprints and reviewed the evidence. The children were all brilliant representatives for the school and used their learning from this experience for class activities that followed.

Swan News 26th October

I hope you have all had a lovely half term break and the children are ready for the exciting weeks leading up to Christmas.

As nobody came to see me about the prefered day for a phonics pop in, I have chosen Tuesday 5th November. I will teach a lesson and you can see how your children participate in the lesson and how they use phonics in reading and spelling. I will start the lesson at about 8:55am so please come straight to the classroom at drop off.

This half term we will be working on our science topic, Animals. The children will be able to share the knowledge they already have and learn about different types of animals.

In Maths for the next two weeks, Mrs Buckley will be teaching the children all about time, the language of time and telling the time.

Show and Tell: Holiday News