Robin Class Photo Gallery, 7 June – 16 July 2021

Well it is very nearly the end of the school year, so here are a selection of photos for the second half of the Summer Term. The Robins have enjoyed lots of activities, which have included watching our plants grow in our outside area and gymnastics in the hall, when they were practising high and low movements and making bridges.

Here are some photos of the children drawing pictures of plants growing in the Environmental Garden, when they were learning about Living Things and their Habitats, which was one of their Science topics this term. I have also included some photos of a group of children in the garden.

The Robins have enjoyed their PE lessons this term. They have been doing athletics with Mrs Patterson on a Wednesday afternoon and Gymnastics with me in the hall on a Friday morning.

For Olympic Week, all classes learnt about a country, which will participate in the Olympics and counted their daily mile and all exercise towards a school total to reach Tokyo in Japan. Robins learnt more about our nearest neighbour, the country of France. During the week, the children did some art work linked to Japan. They looked at some photos of the famous Cherry blossom trees and created one using tissue paper.

The children enjoyed making their Father’s Day cards, especially as we returned to the theme of the Moon and they made a card, which featured a rocket.

The Robins enjoyed practising in preparation for the Bucket Beats performance at Norwich Cathedral and were disappointed when the trip was cancelled due to current restrictions. However, they were still able to join in online and here are some photos of them playing their buckets.

Some of our Maths’ lessons this term involved learning about measuring length, mass and capacity. The Robins used rulers and metre sticks to measure objects in the classroom, scales to measure the mass (weight) of a variety of things and litre jugs to find out the capacity of various containers. Here are some photos of the children on the playground with buckets/bowls of water.

At the end of June, the Robins joined in online with two Sing Up events, which proved to be a lot of fun.

Our Geography and History topics this term have involved learning about The Seaside and Seaside Holidays in the Past. The children enjoyed watching some Magic Grandad programmes, which were lots of fun and taught them more about Victorian seaside holidays. Later our class helper, Mrs Yaxley, came in to talk about her holidays during the 1950s and she brought in some books and photos.

Sports Day finally took place last Wednesday and the whole school sat outside in their bubbles to support each other. Here are some photos of them practising and then participating in their races.

Last week, the Robins enjoyed listening to stories about The Killer Cat, by Anne Fine. On Thursday, we had a drama lesson when the children pretended to move around the garden like Tuffy, the cat, and then did some hotseating in groups, when one of them pretended to be Tuffy and the others asked some questions. Here are some photos.

On Friday, there were two assemblies. First, Mr Shingles and two members of the Eco-Council presented an interesting presentation about the different sources of energy, some of which were more environmentally friendly. Just before lunchtime, there was a whole school assembly on the playing field to present the cup to the winning team of Sports Day, which was Blue, and the Year 6 children were given their Leaver’s sweat tops.

There are now only two and a half days left of this term, which will be busy, but also more relaxing. Most of the teaching has now been completed, so the Robins can enjoy a little more Golden Time for their last few days in Robin Class!

It will also be my last week as a teacher at Hemblington Primary School. I have very much enjoyed my time at the school, which has seen many changes over the years – the number of classes, building work, which created new areas within the school, new staff, etc. I am looking forward to more free time and hopefully with opportunities for some trips away during term time! However, I intend to keep in touch with the school and my fellow colleagues, who are also my friends. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all the many parents, whose children I have taught over the past twenty years. It has been a privilege to teach your children and watch them develop and gain confidence in their own abilities. Thank you especially to the present Robin Class, who have been such a super group of children to teach.

Mrs Brownsey

Robin Class Photo Gallery, 4 – 28 May 2021

As we reach the end of the half term holiday, I hope that all the Robins and their families enjoyed a relaxing week and made the most of the beautiful sunny weather. It was so lovely to spend time outside, going for walks, or just being in the garden.

Here are some photos of the Robins, taken during the four weeks before half term: working in the classroom to produce some block graphs about favourite seaside activities, spending time outside doing some Maths activities, or playing rounders and running the daily mile, and learning to folk dance in the school hall. I have also included some photos of the children’s bean and sunflower plants.

The children took their bean and sunflower plants home before half term, so I hope they are continuing to grow well. Some sunflower plants stayed at school, so we can watch them grow outside the classroom. Elizabeth’s pumpkin plant is growing well and has been repotted during the holiday. It will now continue to grow in our outside area.

Well done to all the Robins for working so hard, particularly when completing some assessment tasks during the last week of half term. This coming half term, they will be learning about the seaside and seaside holidays in the past. We will also have a busy couple of weeks practising our bucket beats, in preparation for joining in with a performance at Norwich Cathedral on 21st June. It should be a fun half term and let’s hope the sun continues to shine.

Mrs Brownsey

Robin Class Photo Gallery, 12 – 30 April 2021

The Robins have had a busy three weeks back in school after the Easter holiday. Due to the lockdown, some of our topics were postponed until the Summer Term, one of which was Two Famous Nurses: Florence Nightingale and Edith Cavell. They have all enjoyed this work and can now talk with confidence about why these nurses were famous. Whilst learning about Florence Nightingale, they took part in three drama lessons, which involved freeze frame images, when they pretended they were injured soldiers in the Crimean War, or cleaning Scutari Hospital. Here are some photos.

The children also pretended they were in a boat travelling to the Crimea and afterwards worked in small groups to create a talking poster, asking for volunteers to travel with Florence to nurse the injured soldiers. Here are further photos.

Our Science topic about Growing Plants was also delayed until the beginning of the Summer Term. During the first week, the children planted Sunflower seeds with Mrs Caldwell and they have begun to record their growth in a booklet, with photographs to show how how they are growing. Here are some photos.

The following photos show the Robins completing a Maths worksheet, reading books and playing Connect 4. Many thanks to Elizabeth’s parents, who gave this game to the class/school. The photos show the children reading whilst they were waiting for their turn to play the game. It has been a real success and the Robins have had lots of fun playing against each other.

Our PE lessons have involved learning some folk dances and so far, the Robins have performed the following: Clap and Tap, All at Sea and Hold On. The dances are quite energetic, but I wait with baited breath for the final dance – The Snowball, which always proves to be very challenging! It involves performing a star with four children, a Dosey Doe and casting off, with the formation of an arch! Here are some photos showing the nautical All at Sea dance.

Finally, the Robins completed their Kenyan animal puppets, with the assistance of Miss Barrett, Mrs Caldwell and myself. Their designs included a few additional details, such as a striped skirt and handbag! The puppets are now on display on a string across the classroom. Here are some photos of the children making their puppets and showing them on display.

Many thanks to all the parents who have provided some plants for our outside area. We should certainly have a good display of flowers during the Summer Term.

Hope you’ve all enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend and managed to get out and see family, or visit a local attraction, now we are able to meet up outdoors.

Mrs Brownsey

Robin Class Photo Gallery, Weeks Ending: 19/26.3.21

After three weeks back in school, the Robins were ready for the Easter holiday. They were enjoying being together again in class and worked hard on a variety of activities, which included completing some information sheets about Kenya and answering Times Tables Rock Star questions in the Computer room and some writing, drawing and 2D and 3D shape activities in the classroom. They also began to make their African animal glove puppets, by using blanket stitch to sew around the edge. Here is a selection of photos.

Friday 19th March was Comic Relief Day, so many of the children were dressed as superheroes. Here are some group scenes, showing their costumes, and a few photos of those superheroes running around the track after their PE lesson.

During the last week of term, the children completed their topic work about the country of Kenya, although they will be continuing with their African animal glove puppets after the Easter holiday. They had an opportunity to learn more about the country from someone who has lived there. This was Miss Collier, who visited the class to talk about Kenya and show the children her collection of things she bought there and some pictures of the country. Here are some photos of this session.

The last day of term provided a further opportunity to dress up, but this time with an Easter theme, so out came the Easter bonnets, bunny ears and flowery outfits. Here are some photos.

During the morning, all classes took part in an Easter egg hunt in the Environmental Garden in the presence of an Easter bunny! Here are some photos of the Robins and Kingfishers in the garden.

At the end of the day, the Robins went home with an Easter egg from the Friends and an Easter card basket with some mini eggs and a creme egg. Star of the Week certificates were awarded in the Celebration Assembly and some children received their class Writing certificate. It won’t be long until the rest of the class receive their certificates after the holiday. Here are a couple of photos of the children holding their certificates.

I hope the Robins are having a fun Easter holiday and that they enjoy this weekend with more chocolate eggs and perhaps an Easter egg hunt in the garden!

Mrs Brownsey

Robin Class Photo Gallery, Week Ending: 12.3.21

The Robins had a great first week back at school, after two months of home schooling. It was lovely to be back in the classroom and for the children to be learning together once again. They all settled well and were soon ready to focus on their work.

We began by chatting about their time during lockdown, when they shared various experiences of completing their school work at home. Certificates were also awarded to those children who participated in the World Book Day challenges. Here are two photos.

It was British Science Week, so they were able to listen to some Zoom presentations by several scientists about electricity and sound. Following on from their work on Materials during lockdown, we carried out an investigation about waterproof materials. The children were given a number of resources: card, paper, foil, plasticene and tape, with the aim of making a waterproof boat, which also floated. Here are some photos, which show the children making their boats and then testing them using a tray of water.

After testing their boats, the children made several conclusions. The shape of the boat was important and foil was the best waterproof material. Some of the boats had plasticine placed in them at one end, which made them sink. A plasticine boat was waterproof and would float, as long as it resembled a boat shape! Card and paper absorbed water and became soggy.

Later in the week, the children learnt about a famous scientist – Charles Macintosh, who invented a waterproof fabric. This was used to make a raincoat – the Mackintosh, commonly known as a Mac! The Robins carried out another investigation, by testing five different materials, to see which were waterpoof.

Alongside their Science activities, the Robins managed to complete their Maths work on 2D and 3D shapes and continue with their topic on Kenya, learning about different types of transport, or moving around the country. One of their PE lessons had an African theme and the photos below show them working on a farm in groups.

Finally, during their Art lesson, the Robins produced these beautiful Mother’s Day cards.

Well done to all the Robins for working hard and being ready to learn.

Mrs Brownsey

World Book Day Gallery: Robin Class, 4.3.21

Robin Class Photo Gallery, Week Ending: 5.3.21

This was the last week of home learning, with all children returning to school next Monday. World Book Day was on Thursday, so many of the activities this week were linked to reading. There were three live sessions with authors, when the children were able to listen to some stories and also follow some instructions to draw some illustrations in a similar style to those used in their books. Here are some photos of the drawings and children listening to the sessions.

One of the tasks set for the Robins this week was to create a poster of their favourite book, which could be displayed in a book shop. Here are some photos of these super posters.

The whole school was set a reading challenge this week. This was to become a ‘story reading star’, by reading in lots of different places. The children had to tick the star challenges, as shown below, and send in four photographs as evidence to show where they were reading. Here is a selection of the great photos I received.

In addition to reading activities, the Robins enjoyed beginning their new Maths unit, which focused on recognising 2D and 3D shapes, identifying their properties and drawing them. Here are some photos.

Here are some further photos, which are showing other pieces of work: French – weather, Science – space, Topic: Kenya – Going to School, Phonics, Handwriting, Spellings, Art lesson, Geography – map with a compass and Imogen’s lovely poster to say thank you to the NHS.

Finally, here are some photos of Mason enjoying being outside in the woods, making a den and having fun.

On World Book Day, there was a whole school costume / book scene competition. There was a winner for each class and this was announced in the Celebration Assembly on Friday. There were some great entries and each entrant will receive a special certificate. There is a separate blog with a gallery of photos of the Robins in their costumes, or showing their book scene.

It will be great to be back in the classroom from Monday 8th March and I am looking forward to welcoming all the Robins back, so that we can share our learning together.

Mrs Brownsey

Robin Class Photo Gallery, Week Ending: 26.2.21

The Robins returned to school on Monday after their half term holiday. On Monday, we had a Google Meet when the children chatted about some of the activities they had enjoyed. Here are some photos showing a few of the children enjoying their week, including one of Mia and her new tortoise, which she showed us during our GM. Imogen enjoyed visiting the woods and seeing some Spring flowers, whereas Mason celebrated his seventh birthday with a yummy cake and James created a fantastic Kenyan mask and patterned collars.

Online learning resumed on Monday and the Robins continued to learn about life in Kenya. They created their banner page for the topic and used information sheets to find out about different aspects of living in Kenya. They found out about home life, looking at photos of different homes in cities and in the country, and about the types of food and mealtimes in Kenya. Here are some photos of this work.

The Robins enjoyed listening to an African folktale – Tortoise’s Dream, by Joanna Troughton, which features many of the wild animals living in Kenya. It is about a tortoise who dreams of a tree, which grows all the fruits of the earth. The animals laugh at him, but they seek the help of Grandmother Koko, one after another. She tells them the name of the tree – Omumbo-rombonga, but they must not look around as they return. The only one who succeeds is Tortoise and the tree appears. The children sequenced the animals’ journeys and wrote briefly about the story. Here are photos of their work.

Towards the end of the week, the Robins completed some pattern work, including colouring some African pattern sheets. Here are some photos of this work, including George and his sister colouring together.

The Robins seemed to enjoy their Statistics work for Maths last week, especially creating a block graph at the end of the week, to represent the most popular ice cream flavours. Here are some photos of this work.

Finally, here’s a selection of photos from other subjects – including French words for clothes, Geography – using map symbols and writing a key, PSHE – kindness buckets and Imogen’s plants and her story of The Faraway Story ‘The Rainbow Land’.

Well done to all the Robins for working so hard at home and producing some great pieces of work. Next week we will be back in school and learning in the classroom. It will be good to be able to share our learning in the same room once again!

Mrs Brownsey

Robin Class Photo Gallery, Week Ending: 12.2.21

The Robins enjoyed the last week of Spring 1 because there were lots of snow days! The photos are in a separate gallery, showing the children with the snowmen they built, sledging and generally just having lots of fun. I was amazed by the size of many of the snowmen and the vast number of icicles on Amelie’s house. Well done also to the Robins who managed to find animal footprints in the snow – very good detective work!

During the week, the children also did a little writing about the snow, by collecting some extended noun phrases to describe it and writing some French sentences. Here are some of the photos of their work.

The Robins enjoyed beginning their new topic about Kenya. They began by watching a couple of Powerpoints about the continents and oceans of the World before looking at a map of the continent of Africa to locate the country of Kenya. The children then watched a further Powerpoint, which gave them an introduction to the country and a short BBC film. Their tasks included labelling a World map, a map of Kenya, completing a boarding pass and passport, drawing pictures and writing sentences about four different types of landscape in Kenya, recording two facts they had learnt and colouring their own Kenyan flag. Well done to the Robins for beginning this work with such enthusiasm and producing some lovely pieces of work. Here are the photos.

The Robins also enjoyed beginning a new Maths unit on Statistics by learning about tally charts and pictograms. In addition to watching their teaching videos and completing worksheets, this also involved collecting some information in the house, or whilst going on a walk. Here are some of the photos I received.

Finally, here are some photos showing other work completed by the Robins. Imogen created a safety poster, whereas Josh produced a detailed map of his local area.

Theo and Cameron enjoyed creating a space exploration timeline.

Here are a few photos of some phonics work, joined handwriting and James holding his spelling test.

Well Robins, I hope you have all had a lovely half term with a whole week away from learning online! I shall look forward to chatting to you on Monday morning and hearing about some of the activities you have been doing at home or in your garden, or about places you’ve walked to in your local area.

Mrs Brownsey