Kestrel Class – Science Week

As part of the Science week the children had to use their engineering skills to Create An Insect. They worked with a partner and were given 1 hour to build their chosen insects. The only materials they were allowed were 4 A4 pieces of paper (from the recycling bin), scissors, pencils / crayons. They could not use glues, sticky tape or clips.

They had lots of fun;

Researching their insects.

Finding ways to shape and strengthen the paper.

Exploring how to connect their insect parts.

Kestrel Class – World Book Day (4.3.21)

Book Character Costume / Favourite Scene Competition

Have a look at the Kestrel Class entries for this year’s competition.

Kestrel Class Spring Term 2021 Lockdown Gallery (February)

Remote Learning Week 5

Welcome to February’s Lockdown Gallery.

Just like last month, we will continue to post examples of your wonderful work week by week.

Please enjoy looking through this first week’s selection

Art – Sebi used his computer editing skills to produce this atmospheric monochromatic landscape.

Remote Learning Week 6

It’s been a very cold, wintery week with snow, biting winds and a closed school!

We’ve found time to have fun in the snow and continue with our Remote Learning.

Look at what Kestrel Class has achieved this week.

Remote Learning Week 7

Our first week back, after the half term holiday, has been an extraordinarily busy week packed full of outstanding learning.

The children have once again risen to the challenges that have been set for them.

Here’s a snippet of this week’s work.

Kestrel Class Spring Term 2021 Lockdown Gallery (January)

Welcome to the Kestrel Class Remote Learning Gallery.

Here you can view some of the amazing work that has been done, at home, by the students.

Each week we will be putting examples of work completed for different subjects.

We hope to be able to show something from everyone in the class so keep uploading your work onto Goole Classroom.

Remote Learning – Week 2

Enjoy browsing through some of the incredible work completed by the class.

Remote Learning Week 3

More amazing examples of your Home Learning over the past week.

Remote Learning Week 4

What a busy month we have had!

Have a look at the impressive learning that has taken place in this last week of January.

Kestrel Class Remote Learning Week beg. 9.11.20

Hello Kestrels and Parents,

Well, what a strange week we had! More home learning, but this time we have been using the new Google Classroom. It has been a steep learning curve for us all, but our skills have certainly improved with the daily practise!

It has been good to be able to keep in touch through the messaging section and via the class e-mail. We have received lots of lovely photos of the children working and their work. Here are a few examples giving a flavour of some of the superb work you have been doing.

Keep up the great work Kestrels.

Mrs Whittle, Mrs Willrich and Mrs Long

Kestrel Class Home Learning (14.7.20)

Hello Kestrel Class,

This will be my final post to you this academic year.

You have been a terrific class and although it has been an unusual year (cut short by this nasty virus) I have many happy memories of you all and I hope you have some too.

Well done to all of you who have kept going with the home learning. I know it hasn’t always been easy.

Also, a big thank you to your parents who have supported you.

I’ve found some Spelling Activities for you to try. They include many of the Year 5/6 Statutory Words so it will be good revision.

This week’s BBC Bitesize Daily includes some interesting lessons for Year 5 that fit in nicely with some of the science we have covered.

The Science lesson on Monday 13th July is ‘Spectacular Space’.

It includes videos about orbits and rockets and has two interesting, practical activities.

On Friday 17th July there is a great Food Technology lesson. As well as learning how to make pancakes it looks into the chemical changes that occur in the process of cooking.

This lesson will require the help of an adult so please be patient and wait until one is available to help you.

Apparently Friday is ‘World Emoji Day’.

You could have a go at these for fun.

It has been a pleasure getting to know you all and teaching you this year. Thank you.

Stay safe.

Mrs Whittle

Kestrel Class Home Learning (7.7.20)

Hello Kestrels,

We have done it! These will be our last new spellings this year.

Together we have gone through all One Hundred and Three statutory spelling words and rules for Year 5 and 6. Well done everyone.

Again I have found alternative activities for Science and Art should you choose not to do the lessons on the BBC Bitesize Daily.

Science: Chemical Creations.

We have been looking at reversible and irreversible changes in our science. Many scientists have used chemical changes to make new materials. Choose one or two of the scientists on this sheet to research and create a fact file about their life and the material they made.

Art: One Point Perspective

Follow the step by step instructions to learn how to make drawings that appear three-dimensional.

Have fun learning.

Mrs Whittle