Mystery Trip

Eagles had a fantastic day at Pleasurewood Hills! Thank you FRIENDS of HPS for the trip.

Here are a few photos; more will be uploaded on Monday.

Eagles ~ A big thank you

Dear children and parents of Eagle Class,

I would just like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed seeing every one of you yesterday at your graduation celebration. Being able to talk to you all personally and wish you well for your new chapter was a very special moment for me, as I hadn’t seen you all for so long.

I hope that you enjoyed your special final moment at Hemblington, and then getting to explore your bag of goodies.

I would like to say a HUGE thank you for all of the generous gifts that I received. I was overwhelmed by your kindness and thoughtfulness of the cards and gifts.

There were so many personal, homemade and ‘very me’ presents that I can’t thank you all enough. The little book of rainbows was such special gift.

I have left those that I know are baby gifts. It’s so lovely of you to gift the little ones too.

I wish you all a wonderful, well-deserved summer holiday.

Love Mrs Reeves x

Eagles ~ Leavers’ Celebration Films 20th July

I hope that you enjoyed watching these in your bubbles today (on Monday). Here’s another chance to see them and show your families.

I know that in class there were some tears. You have had many fond memories here at Hemblington, many that you might have forgotten. These photos are a celebration of your time.

Parents, tissues ready. There are some super cute photos coming! I hope you also enjoy seeing these.

(The memories video quality may not be great as I had to reduce the size of the file).

I wasn’t going to put the photo quiz up, but I think you all enjoyed it so I have. Maybe see how well your parents do!

With my very best wishes, Mrs Reeves x

Eagles – 20/7/20

For the very last time, Good Morning, Eagles.

I love that you have all now returned to school. Although you are separated into 4 bubbles, you are altogether!

I hope that you enjoy your last full day at Hemblington. I can’t give you your leavers’ assembly today, but I have been busy at home for you.

I will be thinking of you today!!

Please read my final daily letter.

Mrs Reeves x

Eagles ~ 17/7/20

Good morning, Eagles. Wow! The countdown is really on now.

Yesterday, I added a post with a link for some transition information. This isn’t to look at whilst you are at school, but I’d like you to let your parents/carers know about it. You can then watch the videos and complete the activities at home with them.

For Eagles ~ Just One Norfolk Transition Information

Just one Norfolk have produced and developed a digital transition offer, which they would like year 6 pupils and parents to access.

The session includes videos to support building resilience and relaxation techniques and includes activities for children to complete with an adult. It can be accessed by following this link:

Eagles ~ 14/7/20

Good Morning, Eagles.


GEOGRAPHY RESOURCES (if you want/need them)