Cygnet News

w/e 8.07.22

Our week started with the excitement of finding one of our butterflies had emerged from its chrysalis on Monday morning. We were very happy to see our first painted lady butterfly in the net. On Thursday the other two butterflies emerged and we were very pleased that the chrysalis on the bottom of the net produced a live butterfly. We let the butterflies go on Friday after a discussion that we were sad that they were leaving but releasing them was the right thing to do. We predicted what would happen next. One of the children thought they would fly away to look for nectar and some other children thought that they would lay eggs. We learned the action rhyme There’s a Tiny Caterpillar on a Leaf. We learned about the life cycle of the ladybird and enjoyed listening to and joining in with Julia Donaldson’s What the Lady Bird Heard. We practised ball skills in PE using the theme of butterflies and ladybirds. We moved beanbags, pretending they were butterflies, with control and played aiming games.

This week we have been doing lots of pattern work in maths. We investigated doubles and patterns with the cuisenaire rods. We used them in our independent learning and made arrangements with them. We are continuing to revise and consolidate our phonics learning.

We enjoyed watching the Year 6 Class acting out Little Red Riding Hood. The weather is getting hot and we talked about signs of Summer. We had fun investigating full and empty using containers and droppers in the water tray. We cleaned down the water wall so that we can start using it next week.

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