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w/e 29.4.22

This week we continued our learning about Spring on the farm. We have thoroughly enjoyed watching the miracle of new life by observing the hatching of chicks in Mrs Goodson’s incubator. We learned about the life cycle of the the chicken by listening to the information book, Life as a Chicken by Vic Parker. One of the children wanted to know why we can eat eggs but they do not have chicks in them. We learned that if the female chickens are kept apart from the cockerels their eggs will not grow into chicks. We listened to the story “Something Wonderful” by Jenny Nimmo which has the message that we can do things that are helpful and important even when we do not feel special. This tied in with our SCARF lesson about the things we can do to help our families. We enjoyed looking closely at the the beautiful tulips, which are growing in the outside area, mixing paints to make green and purple and recording what we saw. We observed lots of yellow pollen in the middle of the tulips. Some of the children made models of birds during their independent learning time. A group of children used their folding and cutting skills to make snowflakes which they enjoyed opening out to reveal the cut out shapes. Some of them decorated their snowflakes with pictures and messages for others. This was a theme which they returned to during the week.

In phonics we recapped on our learning of the graphemes oi, ir, ue and aw and reading tricky words Mr, Mrs, looked, called and asked. We used our phonics to write about our trip to Gressenhall. We enjoyed listening to the story Farmer Duck by Martin Waddell and we acted out the story.

In our maths learning we have been building the numbers from 11-20 using 10s frames, blocks and number tiles. We compared, matched numbers and played some fun games using numbers to 20.

We did our first gymnastics lesson and learned to squeeze our muscles to hold strong shapes and balances. We learned about the tuck, star, pike and straddle shapes.

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