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w/e 18.3.21

This week we enjoyed celebrating British Science Week and the theme was growth. We started our week by doing a special meditation about our senses and we talked about the importance of using our senses to help us understand about the world around us. We went for a walk in the school grounds and the enviornmental garden to observe Spring twigs and buds. We were able to use the key on the spotter sheet to identify some of the different trees. We learned about hedgehogs and how to create environments to help look after them when we listened to a visitor from Hodmedods hedgehog rescue centre. Rosie, who works as a micro biologist testing covid samples, taught us about good bugs and how they help to keep our tummies healthy. We used art and craft materials to make our own good bugs for a Good Bug Club. We used paper folding techniques and cutting skills to design our own plants. We read Astro Girl by Ken Wilson-Max and used splatter painting to make paintings of the Milky Way as a back drop to our Space Station role play. We learned about Helen Sharman who was the first British person to go into space. We made a poster about her for British Science Week. She worked as a chemist for Mars the confectioners developing flavours for chocolate before becoming an astronaut. We enjoyed sharing small pieces of Mars bar as a treat.

This week we have been practise writing capital letters. We need to write them at the beginning of our names and at the beginning of a sentence. We revised all of our Phase 4 phonics.

We have been learning about listening to our feelings to help us stay safe. We discussed who the adults we can ask for help and who will keep us safe. We talked about recognising the feelings we have when we feel unsafe. We discussed about keeping ourselves safe, safe touches and consent. We learned the poem “Trust your feelings, Try to say no, Try to walk away, Tell an adult,” to help us to remember what to do when our feelings are telling us that we do not feel safe. We read books about different emotions and learned about how they make us feel and things we can do when we feel them,

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