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w/e 11.02.22

This week we have been doing lots of different activities for Children’s Mental Health Week. We have been doing extra exercise breaks and we put together a class happiness basket. Each child brought something in to share and we have a lovely mixture of things which make us feel happy including soft toys, play putty, photos, pictures children have made, a lovely soft feather and a book called “When I’m Feeling Kind.” We learned about being kind to ourselves and talked about the things that we are good at. We made lavender scented playdough to help us feel calm. We practised mindfulness by listening to environmental sounds, feeling our hearts after exercising and thinking about our breathing. On Internet Safety Day we learned about telling an adult if we are using a computer and are worried about anything we see. We listened to the story of Smartie the penguin and learned the chant “Before you tap and click… You need to stop and think… And TELL somebody!” In maths we have been learning about comparing heights and about the days of the week and comparing time. We have started Phase 4 Phonics and are learning to read new tricky words so and said and to read and spell words with more 4 sounds. We learned a rhyme called Penguin Slide and sang the action song Heads, Shoulders Knees and Toes. We enjoyed listening to the story Let’s Go Home Little Bear by Martin Waddell. We had a challenge to free figures trapped in ice. We discussed different strategies and decided to try melting the ice in the sun, melting the ice with hot water, breaking the ice with a hammer and smashing the ice by throwing it on the ground. We split into groups and tried the different methods. We discovered that smashing the ice worked the quickest, then using hammers, melting with hot water took a long time but the longest method was putting it in the sunshine to melt.

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