Robin Class News: 6.12.20

There are only two weeks of term left and the children are becoming increasingly excited as Christmas approaches. Last week they enjoyed talking about their Christmas trees, which many of them had been decorating at home. In school, they were delighted to see that the hall and corridors had been decorated by the Friends, before they came into school on Monday.

For our show-and-tell session, more photos and work were shared. Amelie came in with a very large box, containing a telescope that she and her family had made. We were all impressed, especially when we were able to look through the eyepiece. Here are a couple of photos.

For Maths, the children began a new unit of work about money, which involved recognising coins and notes and understanding that they have different values.

On Monday afternoon, we were talking about animals and their babies. After a short discussion, they worked in small groups to match an adult to its young. Here are some photos of them with their sets of cards.

In English lessons, the children were learning about the important features of writing a set of instructions, which are the purpose (title), putting them in the correct order and using clear direct language. Some of them found it difficult to follow a set of instructions to make a chain of people, particularly the folding of the paper and drawing half a person, before the tricky job of cutting it out correctly! After a little teacher support, they all ended up with a chain of four people! Then on Wednesday, they had to follow a further set of instructions to make a rocket, which they all loved doing. Here are some of the photos of them making the rockets and holding them once they had finished.

Finally, our PE lesson on Friday was linked to the story of Wind in the Willows, by Kenneth Grahame. The children were working in pairs and pretending to be Toad with his caravan being pulled by a horse and rowing a boat. Here are a few photos.

During the next couple of weeks, we shall be doing more Christmas activities, which should be lots of fun.

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