Robin Class News: 29.11.20

The Robins worked hard last week to complete several tasks about the Moon. They composed some questions about the first landing on the Moon, dressed and labelled an astronaut and wrote about Walking in Space and described what they would do if they were on the Moon. Some of the children wanted to play golf on the Moon, whereas others were keen to drive very fast in a Lunar Buggy.

The children continued to look at maps of the local area and last week they studied a map and drew their own map of Blofield Heath, using symbols for certain features, which were explained in their key. Here are some photos of this activity.

In Art, the children completed the next stage of their Winter tree picture. They used black acrylic paint and painted the tree they drew the previous week. Looking good so far! This coming week, they will be covering their trees with strips of pale blue, or white tissue paper.

At the end of the week, the Robins enjoyed listening to two stories, which involved the Moon. They particularly enjoyed Man on the Moon, which is about Bob who flies to the Moon each day to clean it and welcome the tourists, who arrive from Earth. The children loved looking for the aliens in the pictures and found it amusing that Bob did not realise that they lived on the Moon and even travelled back to Earth with him! After listening, they planned their own story about Bob, which they wrote on Friday. They also drew colourful pictures showing scenes from the book.

Finally, here are some further photos of Friday’s PE lesson, which show the children stretching before beginning to exercise.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend. Perhaps you were decorating your houses ready for Christmas, as we were here. It is great to have the room lit now by the lights from the tree, especially when we are all having to spend so much time in our houses.

Mrs Brownsey

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