Robin Class News: 22.11.20

Well done to the Robins and Parents for mastering Google Classroom during their week of learning at home. Once I mastered putting each day’s tasks in a topic folder, I felt that the Robin Classroom became more organised! Before uploading some photos taken at the end of the week, I have some further photos that were sent to me before the Robins returned to school. I shall begin with Amelie’s French days of the week, which she has now brought into school for the class to use. Further photos show some English and space work.

After their week of learning at home, the Robins returned to school last Monday, with the Swans working in a nearby classroom. They worked really well with Mrs Panting and enjoyed hearing the story of Rapunzel and discussing the characters, story setting and plot, before completing some writing tasks. The children began listening to the Rapunzel Lockdown Pantomime songs on Wednesday and will be singing along to some of them this coming week. The link to the pantomime songs is saved in the Google Classroom, so you can sing along to them at home as well. Have fun!

On Thursday, we began the day with some Moon Drama in the Hall. The children were doing a freeze frame activity, where they had to show an activity that the astronauts may have been doing in the spacecraft, such as sleeping, eating or drinking. Afterwards, they worked in small groups to create a small sketch of the astronauts landing on the Moon in the Eagle lunar module, before walking on the Moon and taking some photographs. Here are some photos.

After break, we went outside on to the school playing field to look at the Autumn and Winter trees, ready to begin a new art project to create a Winter tree, with a Moon peering through the trees. We were looking at the way the branches grow from the trunk – large branches lower down the tree, with lots of smaller ones higher up. Here are a few photos of the children outside near the trees.

On Friday, the children began the morning with a PE lesson, which they enjoyed. They had to move in different ways – as a footballer, an astronaut, a dancer, or an athlete. Here are some further photos.

Finally, we ended the day with a Geography lesson. The children were looking for selected features on a map of Blofield Heath and then creating their own key for a map. Here are photos of them doing their work in the classroom.

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. The weather has been mostly fine, so it has been great to have a local walk, especially after self-isolation!

Mrs Brownsey

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