Robin Home Learning: 17.7.20

Good morning Robins. I hope you enjoyed writing your story yesterday and some of you may have had fun trying to be ballet dancers!

As in previous weeks, you will be solving your ‘Weekly Maths Challenges’, which you can find via the ‘White Rose Maths’ link, or BBC Bitesize daily lessons. Good luck!

Today’s BBC Bitesize English lesson is the Daily Book Club and you will be writing to your favourite author and making some characters using card.  You will be listening to extracts from Daisy and the Trouble with Life, read by Anita Rani, Cyril and Pat, read by Emily Gravett and Cake read by Ashley Roberts. Before you watch the extracts, read the plot summaries for each book and think about what you might want to say to each of the authors about the books they have written. After you have watched the videos, write a short letter to one of the authors, including the following:
Some information about yourself;
What you enjoyed about the story;
What your favourite part was;
Some questions for the author;
An idea for the next book.
After writing your letter, you are going to get creative! Watch a clip about making ‘Cardboard Creatures’ and try to make some characters from the books, which could be Daisy, Cake, Cyril or Pat. Once you’ve made some characters, have a go at acting out a story. Have fun!

Your third lesson today is Cooking and you will be learning how to make your own scones for afternoon tea. Scones are a tasty treat with cream or butter and jam. Watch a video from ‘CBeebies House’, which demonstrates how to make the scones, which look delicious. Afterwards, make your scones using the BBC Food recipe. You will need a little adult supervision, especially when using the oven. Remember, before you start cooking, always wash your hands. Once you’ve made the scones, you can make an invitation. Print out the tea party invitation, or create your own using a piece of paper. Then invite the people you live with to enjoy the scones you have made at an afternoon tea party.

Here is the link to the BBC Bitesize lessons.

Finally, here is a grammar activity. Practise making more interesting adjectives by adding the suffixes ful and less.

I hope you enjoy your home learning today and have a lovely weekend.

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