Robin Home Learning: 14.7.20

Good morning Robins. I hope you enjoyed your home learning yesterday and had lots of fun making bubbles, as well as finding a good book to read.

Your ‘White Rose Maths’ lessons are in the separate blog for this week and you will continue to be learning about time.

Today, your BBC Bitesize English lesson is called ‘What makes good characters?’ To begin your lesson, watch a short video, which gives you a number of questions to consider when creating a new character. Remember, characters come from the mind of an author. For the first activity, you will be finding out more about fairy stories by watching another short video. Afterwards, fill in some missing details on a table about fairy stories/films and good and bad characters. Next, you will be thinking about your favourite characters. Write a sentence about each one, making sure you use the linking word because. Finally, watch another video to find out how to create a new character and then try creating one yourself. Divide a piece of paper into six sections and add the following titles: Name, Appearance, Job, Where they live, Clothing and Likes/Dislikes. Complete the sections three times to create three different characters. Then write a couple of sentences, explaining how your characters know each other.

Your third lesson is Physical Education, so you will be getting active! You will be finding out about the key ways that your body moves. There is a poster that you can download – ‘Encouraging Children To Be Active’, with some Tips for Parents on how to help you be active. Begin the lesson by watching a video, which runs through the ABC of movement. There are basic ways of moving:
Moving in different ways (walking);
What you do to stay in control (bending);
Controlling other objects (catching a ball).

All movements require us to have agility, balance and coordination, which are all explained in three short films. We often move in more than one way at the same time, for example, when we are playing tennis. To improve your ability to be able to do a particular movement, you need to practise. There are three activities, which give you an opportunity to practise using your agility, balance and coordination. Make sure you have enough space, that you are wearing the right comfortable clothing and that you have some water to keep you hydrated.

Here is the link to the BBC bitesize lessons.

There are no spellings today because this is the final full week of term. However, you could challenge yourself by seeing how many polysyllabic words you can spell. Remember, these are words with more than one syllable, such as certainly, important, multiplication and uniform. You could ask someone in your house to think of some words for you to spell, if you are finding it hard to think of some yourself.

Finally, here is an end of term activity booklet, which you may enjoy working through today and maybe tomorrow. Have fun.

Have a lovely day and enjoy time outside, if the weather is fine.

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