Kestrel Class Home Learning (14.7.20)

Hello Kestrel Class,

This will be my final post to you this academic year.

You have been a terrific class and although it has been an unusual year (cut short by this nasty virus) I have many happy memories of you all and I hope you have some too.

Well done to all of you who have kept going with the home learning. I know it hasn’t always been easy.

Also, a big thank you to your parents who have supported you.

I’ve found some Spelling Activities for you to try. They include many of the Year 5/6 Statutory Words so it will be good revision.

This week’s BBC Bitesize Daily includes some interesting lessons for Year 5 that fit in nicely with some of the science we have covered.

The Science lesson on Monday 13th July is ‘Spectacular Space’.

It includes videos about orbits and rockets and has two interesting, practical activities.

On Friday 17th July there is a great Food Technology lesson. As well as learning how to make pancakes it looks into the chemical changes that occur in the process of cooking.

This lesson will require the help of an adult so please be patient and wait until one is available to help you.

Apparently Friday is ‘World Emoji Day’.

You could have a go at these for fun.

It has been a pleasure getting to know you all and teaching you this year. Thank you.

Stay safe.

Mrs Whittle

Hemblington Primary School

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