Cygnet Class Final Home Learning


Dear Cygnets

Thank you for all of the presents you gave the Cygnet staff. We all loved the hand print picture you made and are going to display it somewhere special for everyone to see. It was really lovely to read your names on the hands and in the card. We are now at the end of your year in Cygnet class. We wish you all a happy fun filled holiday with your families and look forward to seeing you in September when you come back as Swans.

Love from

Mrs Gibson, Mrs Connley, Mrs Panting, Mrs Davis, Mrs Cargill and Mrs Lucking

Let’s finish this year’s learning with a story. Listen to The Fish Who Could Wish by John Bush. It is a funny story about a fish who could wish for anything but there is a problem at the end. Can you retell the story in your own words.

I wonder what you wish for? It might be a wish for the summer holiday, for when you are in Swan class or for your family. Have a think and draw your wish. You might like to draw your Swan class wish on this example:

Your next challenge is to learn some fishy facts and then have a go at the quiz.

Now have a go at these counting activities

Your next challenge is to read the sentences carefully and follow the colouring instructions.

Make sure that you take lots of opportunities to practise your reading skills in the holidays. Look out for words when you are out and about on tickets, signs, sauce bottles, menus wherever you are. Have a go at reading them. Remember to take part in the whole school challenges: The Epic Summer Scrapbook Journal Challenge, The Summer Reading Challenge 2020 and, The Get ā€˜Out and Aboutā€™ Hemblington Challenge Grid.  Have a go and have fun joining in. You will have something interesting to show Mrs Goodson and Mrs Kemp and to share with Swan class. You might even win one of Miss Collier’s prizes.

Now sit back and enjoy watching this film of The Fish Who Could Wish.

Have a great Summer!

Love from

Mrs Gibson

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