Cygnet Class Home Learning


Dear Cygnets,

It was really lovely to see you last week and to see how happy you felt when you saw your Cygnet friends again. Today’s story is called The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. It is a story about friendship. Listen carefully to the story and tell someone about your favourite part.

In the story the rainbow fish learns how to be a good friend. Draw a picture of your friend and label it with words which describe what makes them a good friend.

One of our Cygnet rules is that we share. Sharing is really important. It is important that we share at school, with our friends and at home. Have a think about what you share with your friends and how it feels when you share. Now draw a picture about sharing and complete the sentences:

Your next challenge is to follow the lines really carefully with your pencil

Here are some craft challenges you might like to choose.

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