Robin Home Learning: 1.7.20

Good morning Robins. I hope you enjoyed your home learning yesterday. I received photos of some fantastic seaside outing stories and some great counting poems. Keep sending in the photos to the class e-mail.

Your ‘White Rose Maths’ lessons continue today with more work on measures; today you will be comparing volume (capacity). (See separate blog.)

Today, the BBC Bitesize English lesson will give you practise with writing curly caterpillar letters (a q o s c f g e d) and using exclamation marks. There are two videos, which give you an introduction to writing the letters and when you should use an exclamation mark, which is used to show that people are shocked, surprised, angry, or excited. For the first activity, write each caterpillar letter on a piece of paper, making sure you form it correctly. Then think of a person’s name and an animal that begins with each letter. Afterwards, practise using exclamation marks. Write four sentences that use an exclamation mark to show that somebody is surprised, scared, angry, or excited. Finally, join a debate in ‘Judge Jenny’s Folktale Court’ by watching a short video about Goldilocks and the Three Bears, who present their point of view, with evidence, to the Judge. Choose a character who you would like to pretend to be – the Bears, Goldilocks, or the Judge. Write five sentences to explain what happened from your point of view and make sure you include an exclamation mark in at least three of the sentences. After you’ve written the sentences, highlight all the curly caterpillars in your writing.

Your third lesson today is about Dinosaurs, which I think you will find interesting. Start with a Dinosaur Discovery game, when you will find out some answers to lots of questions about dinosaurs. Afterwards, watch a video to learn more about fossils and the evolution of life on Earth. Martin Hughes-Games visits a Science Museum and explains the different ways that fossils can be formed. For the activity, you can download a Twinkl task: ‘Who Am I?’. Test your knowledge of dinosaurs by matching the descriptions to the correct pictures.

Here is the link to the BBC Bitesize lessons.

Seaside Holidays in the Past

These photos all show scenes of Margate, a seaside town in Essex, which were taken in different time periods. I want you to look carefully at these photos and make some comparisons. I am giving you downloads of the four photos, so you can look at larger versions and read some information, with the approximate date for each one. Afterwards, there is a worksheet where you can record some of your observations and draw some pictures.

Finally, here is an art activity. How about creating some sails for a boat, using paint, felt pens, or coloured pencils. Have fun!

I hope you enjoy your home learning today and make sure you get outside for some fresh air as well.

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