Kestrel Home Learning 8.6.20

Hello Kestrels,

Here is your work for this week. All the resources you need are below. Work hard!

English Resources

Maths Resources

History Resources

Lesson 1 – What was Anglo-Saxon art and culture like?

Use ideas from the video and powerpoint to design your own brooch or buckle, using the worksheet if it helps.

Make a model of a piece of Anglo-saxon treasure. This might be a sword, helmet or a piece of jewellery. Have fun and be creative!

Lesson 2 – The story of Beowulf

Watch the video about Beowulf. (This is on the Bitesize link for lesson 1).

Next, I will put on some tasks linked to Beowulf. With some tasks, there are three levels so choose sensibly. Aim to do at least two of the tasks.

Lesson 3 – What did the Anglo-Saxons believe?,from%20evil%20spirits%20or%20sickness.

Using the information from Bitesize and the powerpoint, create a booklet (like your Maya Cities booklet) about Anglo-Saxon beliefs. Try to include information about the following: pagan beliefs, different Anglo-Saxon Gods, Augustine and the spread of Christianity. Use a good balance of writing and pictures. Present your written information in different ways (paragraphs, fact files, fun facts etc)

Additional Topic Resources

You might like to find out more about discoveries of Anglo-Saxon treasure. Do some research about Sutton Hoo. Perhaps write a news report about this event or draw pictures of some of the artefacts discovered there.,artefacts%20found%20during%20the%20excavation.

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