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Dear Cygnets

Zog is written by Julia Donaldson and is illustrated by Axel Scheffler. Listen to Axel Scheffler talk about designing his drawing for Zog.

Now design your own dragon. Think about how big it is, the shape of its face, its colour, its scales, is it like another animal? Draw or paint your dragon on a piece of paper and write a sentence starting with the words “My dragon can…”

Your Phonics challenge today is to read the story, circle the words with the “igh” phoneme and record them in a list. How many can you find?

Today’s White Rose Maths activities are from Week 9, Day 2. Today you will be counting stars and making rosettes.

Challenge yourself to find the missing number in these number sentences. You can write the number sentences on a piece of paper or print them:

We will end our learning with the story of The Night Dragon. In the story mouse helps Maud to try and do something she thought was impossible and the story ends with a beautiful sunset. Listen carefully to the story and retell it to someone in your own words.

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