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This week we have been learning about the days of the week. Today is Friday yesterday was Thursday and tomorrow is Saturday. Talk to someone about something you did yesterday, your plans for today and tomorrow. Record this with a picture or a sentence. You can do this on separate pieces of paper or use this example:

Here is another days of the week challenge:

Some of you will be missing seeing people who are special to you. This weekend you might be able to see your grandparents. You might like to make a kindness heart full of handprints in you favourite colours to give to or send to someone special. You might like to follow these instructions:

You might like to investigate colour further by trying this experiment:

Today’s White Rose Maths is Week 7 Day 5. Today you will be having fun playing castle chase and making symmetrical crowns.

Your last challenge is to make a crown and make it symmetrical so that both sides match. You can paint it, cut out jewels and stick them on or draw it. You can use this example

Let’s finish the week with a funny story about another princess called “You Can’t Eat a Princess!” You will hear about birthday party plans which don’t quite turn out as planned. There is a big problem involving aliens and it is all sorted out in the end by kindness and sharing.

Have a good weekend and remember to be kind to your families.

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