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Dear Cygnets

In Zog, Princess Pearl says that she does not want to wear a “silly, frilly dress” anymore.” Sir Gadabout does not want to be a knight he wants to swap his armour for a “twisty stethoscope.” Can you design new outfits for Princess Pearl and Sir Gadabout so that they can be doctors who travel around looking after people. Draw the outfits and label them.

Your Phonics challenge today is to read the story, circle the words with the long “oo” phoneme and record them in a list. How many can you find?

Your next challenge is to make a dragon mask so that you can use it when you make up your dragon dance in today’s White Rose Maths challenge. You could use a cardboard box, recycled materials or use this idea:

Do you remember we did a Dragon Dance with Caroline when we celebrated the Chinese New Year? Watch this film clip of a Dragon dance before doing today’s maths activity.

Today’s White Rose Maths activities are from Week 9 Day 4. Today you will be counting when making rules for dragon school and when planning a dragon dance.

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