Weekly Maths Lessons (All Years)

Update 11/05/20: Unfortunately the WRM worksheets are no longer freely available. However, the lessons do now match up with the BBC Bitesize daily lessons. If possible, it may be best to use the WRM videos to help your child learn the concept for the day. Your child can then carry out the tasks available though the BBC Bitesize website.




Update 01/05/20: WRM lessons are now available for next week, including the videos and worksheets. We are pleased that some of you are finding these lessons so helpful. The freely available content is due to be less next week, so we will update you then with how best to use the resources.


Update 20/04/20: WRM have now created a 12-week plan to cover the whole of this term. This will allow us to carry on with some consistency once we return to school, so please carry on with these daily lessons.

However, there will be some changes to the resources that are available from week 3. If this means it is no longer practical for you at home, we will suggest an alterative for you. I believe the BBC bitesize content is going follow the same weekly topics, so they may be useful if needed.


Update 01/04/20: These lessons are continuing weekly. If you have missed a lesson or two, please go to these missed lessons before moving on, as they are designed to be done in sequence.


Original post: The people at White Rose Maths have put together a week-long series of maths lessons for all years, from Reception up to Year 6.

Once you follow the link, your child (or you) will be able to select their year group, watch a short video (around 4-5 minutes) and then complete a task. Ideally, the worksheets should be printed, but if not, your child can look at the worksheet and write the answers down on any paper you have available. The lessons even have the answers so you can quickly check them if you have time!

White Rose Maths (WRM) is a very well respected resource, and some of your children will already be familiar with it from school. We had already begun using this in class, and plan to use it across all year groups in the next school year, so it would be beneficial for your child to begin to become familiar with it in the coming weeks.

WRM plan to release a set of 5 lessons for the next few weeks, so it will hopefully help you and your children to have some consistency in these unusual circumstances.

This weeks lessons can now be found at:


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