Covid -19 Update 27.06.20

27.06.20 The latest newsletter outlines our plans for a ‘Keeping in touch’ session where the children will come in to school, in small groups, to chat to their current teacher and meet their teacher for next year. Look out for more details in newsletters and emails.

10.06.20 If any member of your household (including children) develops symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), please refer to the following advice on how to get tested.

20.05.20 The following letter from the Yare Education Trust gives information for the week beginning 1st June.

18.05.20 Thank you to all of you who have returned a survey. We will let you know further plans as soon as we have more information.

13.05.20 School will be closed to ALL pupils including children of critical workers, on Bank Holiday Monday 25th May. School will be open to children of critical workers from Tuesday 26th to Friday 29th May. Work will not be posted on the website during the half term holiday.

11.05.20 Following last night’s announcement by the Government, we are carrying on with the same arrangements as present, we are open to children of critical workers who can not be looked after at home. We are waiting for further advice from the Government and we will inform you of any changes on this website.

29.04.20 School will be closed to ALL pupils including children of critical workers, on the two bank holidays in May, Friday 8th May and Monday 25th May.

Work will not be on the website on Friday 8th May or for the week beginning 25th May.

This Community Focus Bulletin gives lots of useful advice.

These links maybe useful when children ask about Covid-19.

Dave the Dog is worried about  coronavirus. A story book for young children that aims to help them learn about coronavirus without fear.

 Coronavirus on BrainPOP. A range of resources for helping children learn about the coronavirus, viruses generally, the history of microscopy etc. Includes an excellent animated video and quizzes.

25.03.20 A letter outlining the recent updates has been emailed to parents.

It reads as follows:

Although this email refers to critical workers, I am emailing all parents following the increased list of such workers after the last survey.

We are being asked to collect information about which critical workers may require childcare provision over the Easter holiday.

The guidance remains the same, that if you are able to safely care for your children at home, regardless of whether you are a critical worker or not, you should do so.

Consequently,we only need to know if you are a critical worker, with no family member in your home self-isolating or unwell, and have no alternative way to care for your child across the Easter holiday.

It may be that the provision over Easter is on an alternative site, and that it is not necessarily covered by Hemblington staff. I will of course let you know when I have more information.

If you believe you will need childcare arrangements as you are a critical worker with no alternative childcare possible, please email with days when you will need cover from Friday 3rd April up to the end of the Easter break on Friday 18th April.

We will then contact those families with further information as and when arrangements are made.

24.03.20 Due to recent government advice, school staff will only be in school when required to supervise children. The office will continue to be manned between the hours of 9am and 3:15pm. Emails and answer machine messages will be checked regularly.

23.03.20 The recent government advice to schools, is that children of key workers are allowed in to school only if there is no other way that the child can be looked after at home. Therefore, if one parent is working from home, they can provide the child care needed.

For the safety of staff and pupils we are social distancing in school, keeping two metres apart at all times.

If you are a key worker with no additional support at home please email the office with as much information as possible as to when you will require your child to be in school. We are aware that information is changing daily so please contact us with any changes to your personal situation.The office will be manned between 9am and 3:15pm daily.

20.03.20 The following letter contains all the latest information. We will continue to update this page as and when we receive any further guidance.

17.03.20 The advice contained in the letter continues to be appropriate with the following additions.

  • if one member of the household shows symptoms, the rest of the household also need to self isolate.
  • the period of isolation is now 14 days.

As an additional measure, we are asking parents to drop their children off just before the bell rings at 8:45am, children can go straight to their classes.

At the end of the school day please collect your child and leave the playground promptly.

18.03.20 The above advice continues to be relevant with the following additions.

  • no after school clubs will run until further notice.
  • breakfast club WILL continue at present.
  • an email has been sent to all parents to gather information about parents who are key workers. If you have not received this email please contact the office with an updated email address.

19.03.20 Following the government announcement on Wednesday 18th March, school will be closed from 3:10pm on Friday 20th March, until further notice. Children of KEY WORKERS only can attend school from Monday 23rd March. However if these children are currently self isolating, they cannot come in to school until the 14 day isolation period is completed. Please make sure that the email sent to all families regarding key workers is completed and submitted as soon as possible. If you haven’t received an email please contact the office.

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